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How to speak like a TED Talker - Ginger Training
(Wednesday 11th of April 2012 08:32:54 PM) (5371 views) (1 comments)

Ever wanted to give an inspiring talk that gets your point across without boring your audience to death? This 5 part series breaks down the key aspects of speaking like TED talker into easy bite-size peices. More videos after the break..


Colourful Commands
(Monday 21st of November 2011 11:00:58 AM) (4597 views) (0 comments)

Have you ever tried to achieve coloured output in cmd.exe on a modern windows OS? I recently tried to do this on Windows 7 and found it extremely difficult to achieve from a scripting environment. So, I decided to create a solution


I Love You, Go Easy - Devon Sproule
(Tuesday 18th of October 2011 02:19:58 PM) (3153 views) (0 comments)

I've been a big fan of Devon Sproule ever since seeing her on Jools Holland back in 2007. Her latest album "I Love You, Go Easy" is the perfect continuation.


New Website Launched!
(Tuesday 27th of September 2011 10:18:05 AM) (857 views) (0 comments)

It's been a long time coming but finally the new version of this website is up and running. I've re-written the entire site from scratch and chucked out all the 3rd party code and implemented a Facebook powered authentication system in the hope that the site will feel more structured and be less of a target for spammers.


Dreaming of Another World - Mystery Jets
(Friday 23rd of September 2011 04:36:53 PM) (1120 views) (0 comments)

I've had this song stuck in my head for the past few days after hearing it on BBC6. Nicely poetic lyrics and a cheerful beat, what more could anyone ask for?


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